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Soy-garlic WOK sauce

Enjoying dishes of Asian cuisine becomes increasingly popular. To make cooking of such dishes more easy, Spilva offers WOK sauces for gourmets. The new WOK sauces will help to transform your kitchen more diverse; these sauces don’t require any additional spices and they are easy to use, during the cooking process.

Soy and garlic – a classic combination of taste in the Eastern cuisine. This is the most saturated of tastes. Sesame seeds will add a more appetizing taste to the meal and an excellent smell, during the cooking process. This sauce is particularly delicious with duck meat or pork. The sauce consistency is thick enough to create a delicious salty glaze for each ingredient of the dish, during the heating process. Additional use of this sauce – a marinade for meat and vegetables. No colorants, preservatives or E substances added.

By using Spilva WOK sauce, everybody can feel like a masterful chef!

Cooking is very simple:

1) fry meat and vegetables on a heated pan;

2) when the meat becomes golden brown, add WOK sauce;

3) fry in a high temperature until the sauce becomes candied;

4) serve with noodles and rice.

Shelf life unopened – 24 months. The product is filled 0.35 l glass jars.

Product 100 g contains: energy value – 95 kcal (385 kJ), protein – 1.2 g, carbohydrates – 22 g (of which sugars – 16 g), fat – 0.6 g (of which saturates – 0.4 g), salt – 2 g.

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