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Premium Tomato sauce with Basil

SPILVA recently launched new tomato sauces that are Premium goods. Those are six different types of tomato sauces, with no preservatives, gluten, starch – based products and it is free of allergens. It is high quality tomato paste, which are made of great quantity of tomatoes – 1 kg of sauce consist of 2, 3 kg tomatoes.  SPILVA product technologists have taken care of five different and unique flavors: tomato sauce with wild mushrooms and red wine vinegar, tomato sauce with sun dried tomatoes and olives, tomato sauce with basil, tomato sauce with chili and tomato sauce with tomato pieces. 

PREMIUM tomato sauce with Basil: Sauce consists of tomato pieces, tomato paste, vinegar, basil, spices and vegetable oil. Basil the greatest companion of tomatoes, will taste good with ready pasta and rice dishes, as it will be good on pizza and in hot sandwiches. Tomato sauce with basil is packed in 350 ml glass jar, which is easy to handle.

Product 100 g contains: 374 kJ (90 kcal), fat – 0.5 g of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g, carbohydrates – 19 g (of which sugars 14 g) protein – 2.2 g, salt – 1.4 g

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