Horseradish, mustard

Original Mustard

“Original Mustard” has a saturated, mild mustard taste, and it is suitable for the whole family, including vegetarians and vegans. This mustard, which is produced according to a popular Swedish recipe, belongs to the group of mild mustard, it has a balanced taste – not spicy and also not very sweet. The taste note of this product is created by mustard seeds (18.4%) and other ingredients, including the bouquet of spices – Cayenne pepper, cinnamon and coriander.

This mustard is ideally suitable as a garnish for meat, fish and vegetable dishes, and as an ingredient in various dressings and marinades. Spilva “Original Mustard” will add a classic, mild taste bouquet to homemade hot dogs and burgers. This mustard has no preservatives and is gluten-free.

This mustard is bottled in a convenient 410 ml top-down plastic bottle. Storage period in unopened form – 12 months. Store in refrigerator after opening!

 100 g of the product contain: energy value – 150 kcal (600 kJ); carbohydrates – 20 g (including sugars – 15 g); proteins – 4.8 g; fats – 6.7 g (including saturated fatty acids – 0.6 g); salt – 2.3 g.

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