Burger sauce

The secret to special flavour of the burger sauce hides a combination of tomato sauce, mayonnaise, pieces of pickled cucumbers and garlic flavour. To prepare a burger, there will not be any longer any need for different sauces to achieve the flavour you have grown accustomed to. This single sauce will highlight the flavour of your burger making you sure that this is how a real burger should taste – juicy and superb. The sauce is also perfect for French fries or backed potatoes, wraps, kebabs and pizzas, or as a base or topping for ready-to-eat pizzas.

The sauce is filled in a handy 445 ml plastic bottle. Shelf life of a closed sauce: 9 months. Once opened, must be stored in a refrigerator.

100 g of the product contain: energy value – 460 kcal (1,900 kJ); 1.1 g protein; 9.5 g carbohydrates (including – 7.2 g sugar); 46.3 g fat (including 3.3 g saturated fatty acids); 1.9 g salt.

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