Dressings 275 ml

Mustard-Honey Dressing


This dressing has a rich fruit-honey taste with light mustard note. It is flowing and homogeneous, with fine plates of mustard seeds, which give the right texture to this dressing. “Mustard-Honey Dressing” contains rapeseed oil, water, mustard (4.7%), honey (2.5%), iodised salt, sugar, vinegar combined with ground mustard seeds and original mixture of spices, which […]

Tomato-Chilli Dressing


This dressing has a taste combination, which is topical in every season – sweet-and-sour, rich and balanced. The structure of Spilva “Tomato-Chilli Dressing” is homogeneous and easy flowing. This dressing contains – rapeseed oil, water, sugar, red wine vinegar, mustard, tomatoes, iodised salt, egg yolk, combined with especially fine cut chilli peppers, ground mustard seeds […]

Garden Herbs Dressing RANCH


This salad dressing has lightness of garden herbs, creamy structure and flowing consistency. The special taste of this dressing is supplemented by finely chopped parsley leaves, which give a green color note to the white dressing and stimulate appetite. Ingredients of “Garden Herbs Dressing RANCH” include rapeseed oil, skimmed milk powder, milk whey powder, egg […]

Mango-curry sauce


“Mango-curry sauce” is brilliant with a combination of Indian, Brazilian and Mexican flavors. The mango is called a fruit of God or a tropical apple, which shows that people from antiquity have seen it as particularly valuable. Thanks to the curry, the sauce will stimulate the appetite and give the food a freshly felt seasoning […]

Yoghurt-chives sauce


A little forgotten treat is chives. Chives are more gentle than, for example, leeks, onion chives or shallots, so the sauce will be particularly enjoyed by fans of more nuanced flavours. The “Yoghurt-chives sauce” will be the most suited for a different kind of fresh salads. The sauce contains lemon juice, which will give the […]

Vidusjūras zaļumu mērce


Plaši daudzinātā Vidusjūras virtuve ir salīdzinoši vienkārša un ir kļuvusi pieejamāka arī Latvijā. Par to parūpējusies arī Spilva, radot un piedāvājot “Vidusjūras zaļumu mērci”. Šajā mērcē satiekas majonēzes un tomātu mērces garšas. Tās sastāvā ir dažādas Vidusjūras reģionam raksturīgās garšvielas, piemēram, ķiploks, pētersīlis, baziliks, paprika, koriandrs, oregano, timiāns. Lai garšai būtu izteiktāks asums, mērcei ir pievienotas sinepes. Ja […]

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