Cucumber dressing

Cucumber Dressing is made with crunchy pieces of pickled gherkins , garlic and other spices to give it a special flavour. The Dressing can be served with meat or fish dishes, fried or boiled potatoes, stewed vegetables. It is excellent as topping on salads. Cucumber Dressing can be served as a dipping sauce for French fries, crispies or fresh vegetable sticks.

New convenient packaging with screw on cap will allow product to stay fresh longer. It is also easy and convenient to use and will let you get out everything from the bottle – untill the very last drop.

Shelf life – 8 months. Store in room temperature 0… + 25°C. After opening keep in the fridge.

100g contains: – 250 kcal (1030kJ), 5g carbohydrate, 0.4g protein, 25g fat

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