Draakon pear, apple and cream puree

The children’s favourite little dragon now can be found also on the little glass jar of the new Draakon fruit puree product line. The main ingredient of this puree – pear – is leading in terms of taste, because its amount in the puree is 61%. The apple aftertaste is ensured by 20% of apple puree. Both these ingredients combined ensure thickness, strong pear taste and even, creamy consistency.

We surely recommend trying Draakon pear, apple and cream puree as a dessert alone, because its taste is so balanced, that there is no need to use it as a special constituent in any other dessert. But it doesn’t mean that it is the only use for this puree; it will be a delicious supplement also with pancakes, bread, porridges and ice cream.

This puree does not contain preservatives. This means, that the product is produced in the same way as at home, by using the pasteurization (heat processing) method. This is why it has to be stored in a fridge after opening a jar.

Shelf-life unopened – 30 months. Product is filled in 0.27 l glass jars.

Product 100 g contains: energy value – 130 kcal (535 kJ), protein – 0.7 g, carbohydrates – 24 g (of which sugars – 22 g), fat – 3.2 g (of which saturates – 2.1 g), salt – 0 g.

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