Canned vegetables


Made of salted chopped sorrels grown in Latvia. Suited for preparation of fast and tasty sorrel soup, that is main part of meal in the Latvian menu . Product is labelled with mark Green leaf and text “Without preservatives” because production process involves method of pasteurization just like home made. Therefore it means that after opening they should be kept refrigerated.

To prepare sorrel soup mix 200 g sorrels with 1l water. Add fried onions and smoked meat, potatoes and groats. Boil for 20 min. Serve with cream, herbs and boiled eggs.

Shelf life unopened – 36 months. The product is filled 0.58 l glass jars.

Product 100 g contains: energy value – 18.6 kcal (78 kJ), carbohydrates – 2.6 g, protein – 1.4 g, fat – 0 g, salt – 2.3 g.

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