RICH LADY OF LATGALE – Tomato sauce with vegetables

To honor our country’s centennial celebration, Spilva opens a new line of special tomato sauces. Each of the four new sauces symbolizes and embodies in a jar the very essence, character and flavor of each cultural historic region of Latvia. We all know that Latgale is unique with its openness, generosity, and abundance of fields. Kurzeme – with its creativity and sharp mind. Zemgale – with its rich farmlands. Vidzeme – with its highlands and forthcoming people.

Based on qualities of these regions and local people, our “ladies” of these regions – products forming the centennial line of sauces – have a specific characteristic flavor and visual design. Please be introduced with the spicy lady of Vidzeme, proud lady of Kurzeme, tasty lady of Zemgale, and rich lady of Latgale!

Delicious sauce with plenty of carrots, paprika, onions and tomatoes – well-known vegetables to all Latvians.

The sauce greatly compliments meat dishes, pasta, and other main courses. The sauce can be used not only as a garnish for ready-made meals but also during the cooking process.

The product is filled in 0.5 l glass jar. Shelf life – 24 months. Store the product in the refrigerator after opening.

100 g of the product contains: energy value – 80 kcal (340 kJ); 0.9 g protein; 19 g carbohydrates (of which – 16 g sugar); 0.1 g fat (of which – 0 g saturated fatty acids); 2.4 g salt.

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