Salmon Pate

High quality smoked salmon is used for preparation of pate, which gives the pate a saturated salmon taste. The pate is supplemented with small fish caviar and spices. The salmon pate tastes excellent on bread; it can also be used as a salty snack or for making pies. The product is naturally rich of the healthy Omega-3.

This pate is packaged in a 145 g tube, which is a convenient packaging for using of pate, and preserves the product freshness for a longer period after opening. Expiration date: 10 months.

Catch: salmon (Salmon salar) – bred in Norway; cod (Gadus morhua) roe – ocean and seas near Iceland and Faroe Islands, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea; pollack (Pollachius virens) roe – North Sea, Norwegian Sea.

100 g of product contains: energetic value – 1900 kJ (470 kcal); 45 g fat (from which 4 g saturated fat acids); 7.5 g carbohydrates (from which 3.6 g sugar); 7.5 g proteins; 3.8 g salt.


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