Fish Roe Pate with Cheese Kalle

High quality, mild-smoked caviar and especially fresh cheese are used for preparation of this pate. It is an ideal product and combination for those lovers of pate who want slightly milder caviar on their sandwiches. It will taste great on bread, as a salty snack or when used in cakes.

This pate is packaged in a 185 g tube, which is a convenient packaging for using of pate, and preserves the product freshness for a longer period after opening. Expiration date: 8 months.

Catch: cod (Gadus morhua) roe – Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea.

100 g of product contains: energetic value – 1250 kJ (300 kcal); 24 g fat (from which 5 g saturated fat acids); 16 g carbohydrates (from which 8 g sugar); 6 g proteins; 3.9 g salt.

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