Herring Matje

Matjes herring is prepared differently from usual herring. This herring is cleaned already on the deck of the ship – skinned, main fishbone and entrails are taken out, head cut off, but tail and pancreas are left in. Pancreas is necessary because it continues to produce enzymes, which are important for the preparation process. Then they are salted and ripened. Herring in the jar is cut into nice pieces of fillet, without bones and skin.

Abba traditions for preparation of herring have preserved through centuries already since 1838. Abba herring is fished during the period from August to October, when herring has 16-18% of fat, which is a high source of natural Omega-3.

Product packaged in 200 g packaging. Expiration date: 10 months.

Catch: herring (Clupea harengus) – Norwegian Sea, North Sea.

100 g of product contains: energetic value – 850 kJ (200 kcal); 21 g carbohydrates (from which 19 g sugar); 9.5 g proteins; 6.7 g salt; 11 g fat (from which: 2.5 g saturated fat acids; 6 g monounsaturated fat acids; 2.5 g polyunsaturated fat acids; 2 g Omega-3 fat acids; 1.7 g EPA+DHA from fish).

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