Green Lettuce and Cherry Tomatoes Salad with Quail Eggs and Balsamic Sauce

Wash and cut tomatoes and lettuce, arrange them in a salad bowl and pour Balsamic Sauce over them. Decorate with quail eggs.
Greek Plate

Wash and cut tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. Mix vegetables in a bowl, add olives and red onion rings. Pour over Balsamic Sauce before serving; decorate with walnuts and pieces of Fetaki cheese. Mix lightly with two spoons. Serve with fresh baked bread.
Pickled Cucumbers and Potatoes Salad

300g potatoes
300g Spilva Pickled Cucumbers
200g carrots
1 small leek
Spilva Provencal mayonnaise

Dice boiled potatoes and carrots. Chop pickled cucumbers and leek. Add Provencal mayonnaise is added and everything is mixed.
Fresh Vegetable Salad with Cottage Cheese (4 servings)

70g  carrots
80g  Swedish turnip
60g black radish
100g red paprika
80 g celery root
40g  parsley root
300g cottage cheese
300g Spilva Garlic Sauce
20g dills
20g parsley
20g honey
1 lemon

Grate washed and cleaned root into slivers. To reduce bitterness, put radish in a pot, add some sugar, put a cover over it, shake well and leave it for 30 minutes after grating. Remove seeds from paprika and cut it into wedges. In another bowl, make a sauce from Garlic Sauce, herbs, lemon juice, honey and add some salt. Mix grated carrots and cottage cheese in a separate bowl. After that, arrange carrots and cottage cheese along the rim of a bowl and put radish mixed with sauce as well as parsley and celery root in the middle of it. Finally, cover salad with paprika wedges, Swedish turnip and herbs.
Cheese Salad

200g cheese ("Holland" or "Russian")
2 boiled carrots
2 boiled eggs
Add garlic to taste
4 tablespoons of Spilva Breakfast Mayonnaise

Grate carrots and cheese into slivers, cut eggs. Grind garlic. Mix all ingredients with Spilva Breakfast Mayonnaise. Decorate with herbs.
Avocado Salad

1 ripe avocado
1/2 red onion
2 cherry tomatoes
2 boiled eggs
100 g herbs
1/2 bottle of Spilva Salad Sauce
1/2 bottle of Spilva Lemon Sauce

Arrange herbs, slices of avocado, cherry tomatoes and boiled eggs on a plate. Pour over Lemon Sauce and Salad Sauce.
Spring Salad

2 eggs
150 g Spilva Green Peas
50 g leeks
50 g boiled carrots
100g Spilva Provencal Mayonnaise

Chop eggs. Cut leeks and carrots. Mix ingredients with Provencal Mayonnaise and decorate with herbs.
Spicy Mushroom Salad

150g smoked ham
150g Spilva Pickled Cucumbers
100g boiled carrots
150g boiled thin macaroni
2 hard boiled eggs
150g Spilva Pickled Mushrooms
Spilva Provencal Mayonnaise
spices (grated black pepper and other spices of your choice)
herbs (parsley, dills)

Boil macaroni in salt water, drain and leave them to cool. Cut ham, carrots and eggs into cubes, slice mushrooms. Add Provencal Mayonnaise and spices to prepared ingredients and mix them. Decorate with herbs.

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