Three Men in a Boat

Vodka 40ml
Triple sec liquor 20ml
Spilva Cranberry Syrup 10ml
Pineapple juice 200ml
Freshly squeezed lemon juice 10ml
Prepare cocktail in a shaker out of the mentioned ingredients, add lemon juice according to need; decorate with tropical and summer fruit.
Mermaid's Kiss

Rum 50ml
Spilva Cherry Syrup 20ml
Cranberry juice 100ml
Orange juice 100ml
Prepare cocktail in a shaker, serve in a chilled cocktail glass decorated with a sugar rim and fruit.
Gold-digger's Joy

Rum – blanco 25 ml
Rum – dark 25 ml
Spilva Exotic Syrup 20 ml
Lemon juice 70ml
Prepare cocktail in a shaker, serve in a chilled Margarita cocktail glass.
Foxy Don Juan

Spilva Black Currant Syrup 20ml
Champagne 100ml
Vodka 30ml
Pour Black Currant Syrup into glass first, then pour champagne carefully, so that it does not mix. Finally, pour vodka.

Oh my gosh

Rum 25ml
Vodka 25ml
Strawberries 100 g
Pineapple juice 100ml
Spilva Raspberry Syrup 20ml
Prepare cocktail in a blender, serve in a chilled long drink glass decorated with various seasonal fruit.
Fiery Lady

Vodka 40ml
Pineapple juice
Spilva Raspberry Syrup 20ml
Mango or peach juice
Mix vodka, pineapple juice and Raspberry Syrup in a shaker, then pour it into a cocktail glass filled with ice. Pour mango or peach juice last so that it doesn't mix.
Virgin Secret

Spilva Strawberry Syrup
Prepare cocktail in a blender, serve in a cocktail glass the inner rim of which is covered with Chocolate Syrup.
When Grieta Is Hot

Apple juice
Pineapple juice
Fresh peppermint leaves
Spilva Apple Syrup
Prepare cocktail in a blender, serve in a long drink glass and decorate with fresh peppermint leaves and a lime wedge.

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