Bez tēmas

Sweet ketchup

Sweet and tasty. This ketchup has mild and sweet taste. Fits for those who doesn’t like spicy food. Spilva sweet ketchup nice thick as it contains 47% of tomato puree. You can be used with different meat and fish dishes. Tastes good with fried potatoes.

All Spilva ketchups in new plastic bottles don’t contain preservatives but contain more tomato puree! We fill these ketchups in transparent bottle so you always have a possibility to evaluate quality of ketchup in opened bottle and you will see how much of product is left.

Sweet  ketchup is filled in 0.5 l and 1.0 l transparent plastic bottles.

Shelf life for product is 12 month. As product doesn’t contain any preservatives it has to kept in fridge after opening.

100g of product contain: 93 kcal (395kJ), 0,8 g protein, 22,2 g carbohydrate, 0,1 g fat.

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