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Ketchup for Kids

Strong tomato taste, will perfectly garnish child’s plate and the packaging definitely will be appreciated by them too.

All Spilva ketchups in new plastic bottles, do not contain any preservatives, and it has more tomato paste in it. They are packed in beautiful, transparent plastic bottles, so it would be possible for consumer to see how much of the quality product has been left in it.

Product is labelled with mark Green leaf and text “Without preservatives” therefore it means that after opening they should be kept refrigerated.

Ketchup for kids are packed in 0, 5 l transparent plastic bottles.

Product 100 g contains: 395 kJ (93 kcal), carbohydrates – 22, 2 g (of which sugar – 9, 4 g); protein – 0, 8 g; fat – 0, 1 g.


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