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Cucumbers Countryside Taste with Garlic

Cucumbers Countryside Taste popular recipe with garlic. Adding garlic slices to the marinade enriches the cucumbers with typical garlic taste. An ideal fit as side dish for main course and as ingredient for salads also brings something extra for snack plate. Unforgettable with hot sandwiches, pizzas and hot-dogs. To make them crispier, we recommend to put them in refrigerator for 2 hours

Product is labelled with mark Green leaf and text “Without preservatives” because production process involves method of pasteurization just like home made. Therefore it means that after opening they should be kept refrigerated.

Shelf life unopened – 36 months. The product is filled 1062 ml glass jars.

Product 100 g contains: energy value – 20 kcal (90 kJ), carbohydrates – 5 g (of which sugars – 3 g), protein – 0.7 g, fat – 0 g (of which saturates – 0 g), salt – 2 g.

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