Products that taste like home-made
The company has established high quality standards for both raw materials and ready products. To attest to this policy chosen by the company, its management has always emphasized that every product is produced to taste like home-made food.

Spilva’s products are produced only from high quality materials. Read more on the quality requirements for the raw materials in specifications. Thus, all planters of raw materials and suppliers receive the full information package concerning the selection of varieties of the specific cultivated plants and the time of harvesting. Spilva purchases in Latvia all raw materials that can be supplied by local planters in due amounts and quality.

Top level quality control
Spilva first tests all raw materials in the laboratory as to the food quality requirements. However, one of the quality indicators of a product is the capacity of the company to ensure completely invariable sensory qualities of the product. It mainly depends on the raw materials. This guarantee is the hardest to safeguard. Therefore, Spilva has improved the evaluation system for the sensory qualities of the raw materials, so that the taste, aroma, color, and consistency qualities of newly produced products would in no way differ from the previous products.
As a result, samples of ready products are produced from every supply of dry raw materials. The laboratory evaluates them according to the set standards and issues the statement whether sensory qualities of the product are completely the same as of the previous products. We strive to continue improving the quality assurance, therefore, we plan to develop and implement specifications for food additives, as well.

Quality control in the company does not stop after the raw materials have been tested and processed. Samples are kept from all the supplied dry raw materials and the produced products. They are held in storage until the expiration of validity of the products. Likewise, samples of every run of the produced products are tested in the laboratory before products are supplied to distributors. In order to achieve full assurance that the product complies with all established requirements additional tests are taken in other accredited laboratories.

This confirms the statement that Spilva’s products are characterized by high quality and added value that corresponds to the wishes of consumers – modern, safe, and convenient packaging, functionality, as well as rich range of aroma and flavor. It must be noted that more than 50% of Spilva’s products are produced using the method of pasteurizing and they contain no preservatives.

Investments into consumers rights protection
In Latvia we more often see the practice of “mimicry” – conscious misleading of consumers by copying or imitating packaging design of sought-after products. Thus dishonest companies derive a profit at the expense of others. There are also cases when product quality gets damaged when it is already in stores. This reality requires countermeasures to protect the good reputation of the company and to uphold the customer rights to purchase authentic quality products.

Since Spilva has defined its priority to be top quality products, it has invested considerable amount of finances – more than 70 thousand lats – into product quality protection.
The quality control in Spilva basically consists of:
– mastering new generation packaging technologies;
– acquiring ownership of packaging forms;
– practical application of the additional equipment of packaging.

As for modern packaging materials, one example that can be given is three layer polythene coating for prepackaging mayonnaise in pieces of 200 g. Spilva was the first food company that introduced the new material to the Latvian market. This type of packaging is widely used in advanced companies in other countries, including internationally known food producing companies. The motivation was that this packaging is safe, light, impenetrable by air and carbon dioxide, completely harmless to human health that preserves constant quality of the product for a long time. The design for this type of packaging is printed between the second and the third layer of the material which significantly increases the quality of the design and eliminates any chance of imitation unless the same material is used. A similar technology is applied to the production of dessert buckets. The buckets are equipped with a top clamp that cannot be restored once the bucket is opened.

In 2001 substantial investments were invested to create individual packaging of the company. Initially the investments were channeled to create individual design for 275 ml glass bottles of ketchup. That means only Spilva holds the rights to use and distribute glass bottles of that form and size. A bit later plastic ketchup bottles having a handy form and Spilva logo made in relief were launched. In addition, protective membrane around the cork and the bottle neck is an integral part of many products of Spilva.

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